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This innovative patented injection moulded product is the Ultimate solution for messy milk sachets.

The product has been designed specifically taking the contours of a milk sachet in mind. The base of the product has been curved and angled, forcing the sachet into optimum pouring position. The body of the jug has been designed to fit snugly around the sachet, preventing it from moving around inside the jug.

The clip device keeps the sachet in position and prevents it from collapsing into the jug as the sachet empties.

A release notch in the base of the jug prevents airlocks on wet surfaces.

The jug is made from food-grade approved HDPE and is dishwasher safe!

The Facts ~ Evolve, Go Green

85% of all fresh milk sold in South Africa, is sold in milk sachets.

Milk sachets are by far the cheapest way of buying fresh milk!

A milk sachet contains 75% less plastic than a conventional 2 litre plastic bottle, thus making it by far the most eco friendly option available on the market. In comparison, a milk sachet contains as much plastic, as found in the screw-top of a 2 litre bottle!

Milk cartons can not be recycled, because they contain various hybrid materials.

Go green, make a difference!


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